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Welcome to the Mr. D's C.P. Anatomy and Physiology class website! This website is a great outline of the course and will be used throughout the year for most assignments, notes, activities, and other materials. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the navigation methods for the site by reading the information below, and then click on the arrow below to find the current unit !

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Medical terms for everyday conditions

Sneezing = sternutation

Health/Medicine in the News: 

The "HoloLens" 


- During each unit will have three to six sub-modules! Please get familiar with all components of the module. 

- ALL information for the pace of work/when assignments are due can be found in the class calendar (announcements will also be made in class). 

- Please make sure to keep an organized class notebook. Add all materials from each module to your notebook in chronological order. 

- Finally, the closer you adhere to the steps within each module, the  more succesful you will be!